23 mars 2008

Restaurant Reviews in Amsterdam

You are looking for new places to eat in Amsterdam, being Italian, Thai, Dutch, French restaurants, if you want a review check out the following links: http://amsterdam.vorkje.nl http://www.iens.nl/restaurantsVan/Amsterdam/ Book: "Lekker Amsterdam" from Johannes van Dam, the man who makes and destroys chefs' reputations in the city. Around 10 euros and available in most bookshops around the city. If you know more, don't hesitate to add them in the comment of this post.

06 mars 2008

Take Thai : So far the best Thai in town

Last week 2 friends of ours invited us at Take Thai on Utrechtstraat. We've been in Amsterdam over a year now (in fact almost 2) and this is so far the best Thai we've been to.For the Amsterdamers, Johannes van Dam mentions Take Thai in his guide "Lekker Amsterdam". There are no stars (being in the book is already a good point though). According to van Dam the place is a bit too fashionable sometimes. Well, I don't care much about that. Food is fine and full of flavours, service is fast and professional, and the white walls... [Lire la suite]